Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Night-Owls and Bob Dylan

The theme for this week's Theme Time Radio Hour with your host, Bob Dylan is "sleep." RWB reports that he plays the song "Sleepless" and then announces one of his now infamous lists - this time "Famous Night-Owls." As a fellow nightowl I paid attention and once again we are treated to another example of Dylan's slumdunk sense of humor. Where does he get it from?

Some other famous night-owls include Fran Leibowitz, Winston Churchill, Marcel Proust, Ludwig the Second of Bavaria, and Ann Coulter.

But maybe the most famous are the nighthawks at the diner; the characters in a painting by Edward Hopper.

Bob Dylan, Nov. 8th Episode
Theme Time Radio Hour

Ann Coulter. I don't know what's funnier. That he mentions Ann Coulter in the same breath as Churchill, Prous,t and the King of Bavaria, or that Bob Dylan knows who Ann Coulter is.

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