Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street responds to Congress

With the Speaker of the House sinking her own bipartisan deal in five minutes. Just remember who actually owns the stocks and whose money is in the banks. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

If it was to be a bipartisan effort, Ms. "I'm the most powerful woman in the world" should have tucked her ego in her pocket just long enough to look like a leader.

Or, maybe she really got what she planned for....

Unknown said...

That is a good question. Years ago I remember Sam Nunn throwing in the towel, pointing to the collapse of any semblance of bipartisan spirit. There are times these days when I understand why.

We had a brief window open on September 12th, and then it slammed shut again. And in many ways, that's about the time when Wall Street started being run like a casino.

It is clear that - in this politically charged time - people are thinking "party" first and "country" second - or third, or forth. The administration has not done a bang-up job either explaining that it's our money that's in the stock market and it's our money that's in the banks. If the banks fail and the stock markets crash - guess who pays? Or doesn't pay?

And Congress - who has had its hand in the till through the past ten years has it's finger prints all over the cash register. This goes way beyond party.

It still boggles the mind that the Speaker would make a strategic decision to play the evening news soundbite game for her party and then sink her own deal and blame the Republicans. What's up with that? Thought this was a grave crisis - and now the House has gone out of session until Thursday. What's up with that? Just what the heck is going on up there on the South Side of the Hill?

Perhaps it's time for our tri-annual viewing of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Popcorn anyone?


Anonymous said...

Maybe that crashing sound is the pendulum of insane and irresponsible fiscal practices hitting the wall to begin its swing back to sanity, greater accountablity, stronger regulations and closer oversight. Maybe the right heads will roll...maybe minds and hearts are clearing and there will be a return to personal fiscal and moral and theological responsibility as well...maybe the next generation will learn from and overcome our mistakes and foolishness and make us proud (in a nice way)...

Anonymous said...

You don't vote on the speech, you vote on the bill.

Speaker Pelosi's remarks are mild by the Gingrich and post-Gingrich standards of Republican rhetoric against Democrats. Remember how we're all "evil" and "corrupt"? How our criticisms of Bush-Rove policies purported shows that we hate our country and are accomplices of Osama bin Laden?

For than matter, remember current Republican attempts to argue that the Clinton Administration caused the mortgage debacle.


Unknown said...

Yes, Irenaeus - you are right - I think that's what led Sam Nunn to toss in the towel and go back to Georgia. I sure do miss him.