Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna Hits Washington


We're out in the suburbs. I'm a bit worried about my neighbors downstairs. The water level is rising.

This is a little later. You can see why I'm concerned about my neighbors - earlier there was someone out there in a yellow rain slicker digging trenches. The rain is still pouring down, as the Tropical Storm Hanna passes through the Washington metropolitan area.

UPDATE: Here's a post-storm video of what I found after taking a walk when the storm subsided:

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Kevin said...

I'm SO tired hearing about Hanna!

The first I heard about her was from a "worry wart" before I left DC on Monday, then once in Charleston, those were the bell hops first words, then ALL week from water taxi helmsman to shop keepers, even those she lost her hurricane rating over Monday night, never to regain. On Thursday Charleston shut down the schools and all services. Then after driving to the Outer Banks (following a TV "storm chaser" van from NY), I wake up to CNN trying to make a big deal from board walk of my hotel. The plastic deck chairs were not even moving and there was a cat liking it's paws 75' from the CNN crew. We caught up to the storm on the way home and glad to be rid of her. Worry is the theft of today's joy about tomorrow's possibility, Ike is a Cat 3, that's serious, but Hanna bounced from 50 to 70 mph winds, shoot a good storm in the Piedmont can do that, but CNN does not send people.

I'll bet my parishes' junior warden, from Puerto Rico, would have a kick out of the over reaction, like someone from Buffalo laughing at DC freaking out about a snow flake.


Note: I know Charleston maybe still remembering Hugo, but Hugo was a Cat. 4, nothing to mess around with but Hanna lost her ranking.

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