Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Very interesting ...

Steve Wood of St. Andrew's Mt. Pleasant, S.C. has been "invited" to have dinner with the Presiding Bishop. “Outlined was an afternoon of discussion with some of my colleagues from the some of the largest congregations in The Episcopal Church, followed by a reception and dinner at her (the PB’s) residence,” Steve was told. But no word on the agenda topics.

Prayers for Steve for safe travel. Read more about it here.


TLF+ said...

Wow - will pray, as Steve asks. Let's hope that the conversation is two-way and not just a manipulation or fund raising plea ("All you big churches need to step up and fund 815 more").

I have to admit, having been part of two capital campaigns, that this sounds like "cultivation of lead gifts." I hope I am wrong.

Rick Arllen said...

This may be all of a piece. The latest Diocese of Virginia monthly rag strives to reach deeply into Virginia Episcopalian pockets from the heart tugging spiels on nearly every article on nearly every page. And since TEC has lined up solidly behind mammon, it follows that providing more $$$$ is the measure of 'faith.'

TLF+ said...

"Buck for Bureaucrats"

"Limosna (Sp. - "alms") for Lawyers"

Or as Scarlett O'Hara said,
"There's always Ubuntu"

Allen said...

"Come into my parlor", said the Spider.

St. James said...

ST. Andrew's, Mount Pleasant,SC is listed as number 29 in a listings of large parishes in ECUSA.

For lots of information on large
parishes, go here: