Friday, September 12, 2008

Dissing Full Inclusion for Civility

The Washington Post has it here. An interesting placement of an op-ed designed to "respond" to the Os Guinness op-ed last May. This op-ed is brought to us by mega-bucks Trinity Wall Street (which, incidentally, refused to help bail the Lambeth Conference out of debt, even though it supplied all the "videos" shown daily to the bishops - oops). Wonder if there is not some push-back underway now from the financially-inclined sections of TEC, especially based in Manhattan. Inclusion is nice, but cash is better.

It would all be so much nicer if there wasn't all this full inclusion and icky Bible talk. It just ruins the golf game and those lovely investments.


TLF+ said...

A friend sent a copy and I'd just read it before noticing this post.

The flawed heart of the article is its insistence that those who stayed away from Lambeth violated some Anglican ethos of "civil listening" which fell from heaven like Artemis of the Ephesians.

There is no attention given to the boycotters main point: that the "listening process" has been a manipulation toward desired outcomes - outcomes which exclude "civil listening" to anything the boycotters would have to say if present.

Besides, it's by some VTS guy. More of the "we have a unique polity that nobody can understand but us" fog.

Anonymous said...

Besides...polite, civil listening has gone on for 10+ years. Time's up, no repentance. Now it's consequences time.

Anonymous said...

When I first learned of Trinity Wall Street, it was one of those moments when one is stunned by a pure contradiction while the brain is busy trying to physically stabilize itself.