Monday, September 01, 2008

Last Night's Dylan Concert Setlist

Heh. In Park City, Utah:

1. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
2. When I Paint My Masterpiece
3. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
4. Not Dark Yet
5. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
6. Million Miles
7. Desolation Row
8. The Levee's Gonna Break
9. She Belongs To Me
10. Honest With Me
11. Simple Twist Of Fate
12. Highway 61 Revisited
13. Queen Jane Approximately
14. Thunder On The Mountain
15. Like A Rolling Stone

UPDATE: RWB reminds us that Dylan has not put away particular songs, even now. RWB's got up the August 23rd 2008 performance (with quite a moving bit on the harp) of one of his classic compositions off of Slow Train Coming. It's as fresh today as it was back then.

They ask me how I feel
And if my love is real
And how I know I'll make it through.
And they, they look at me and frown,
They'd like to drive me from this town,
They don't want me around
'Cause I believe in you.

They show me to the door,
They say don't come back no more
'Cause I don't be like they'd like me to,
And I walk out on my own
A thousand miles from home
But I don't feel alone
'Cause I believe in you.

I believe in you even through the tears and the laughter,
I believe in you even though we be apart.
I believe in you even on the morning after.
Oh, when the dawn is nearing
Oh, when the night is disappearing
Oh, this feeling is still here in my heart.

Don't let me drift too far,
Keep me where you are
Where I will always be renewed.
And that which you've given me today
Is worth more than I could pay
And no matter what they say
I believe in you.

I believe in you when winter turn to summer,
I believe in you when white turn to black,
I believe in you even though I be outnumbered.
Oh, though the earth may shake me
Oh, though my friends forsake me
Oh, even that couldn't make me go back.

Don't let me change my heart,
Keep me set apart
From all the plans they do pursue.
And I, I don't mind the pain
Don't mind the driving rain
I know I will sustain
'Cause I believe in you.

B. Dylan 1979

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Travis Prinzi said...

Wow. "Simple Twist!" "Queen Jane!" "Not Dark Yet!" What a GREAT setlist! I love the version of "Desolation Row" he's been playing lately.