Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The wind began to howl


Anonymous said...

Given the HOB meeting tomorrow, who are the two approaching riders, the PB and Bp. Duncan?

TLF+ said...

So, does "Jokerman" on Infidels correspond to the more famous Joker in this song?

A challenging apocalyptic set up, this song.

Like the joker and the thief, we resist the fate of those "who think that life is but a joke" and we know "the hour is getting late" - but then is it THE hour or a "little apocalypse" that shakes up our current reality and prepares us more for The Day?

The HOB meeting - no, the whole TEC mess - strikes me as just such a dress rehearsal for the end. Evil will have its seasons. We will cry "How long?" Yet Christ will be revealed in both judgment and blessing, destruction and new creation.

BabyBlue said...

And mercy.