Monday, September 01, 2008

Remembering the Lambeth Conference

I'm doing a presentation tomorrow night on my experiences at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury. This is a short video that I prepared for that presentation.

The video opens with a view of the "Big Top" where Anglican bishops from all around the world met in Canterbury, England (July-Aug 2008) - well except for about 200 of them that stayed home. While all the bishops are ensconced inside the Big Top, we have an overview of the Kent University campus where they all stayed for three weeks. We do come across a few of the bishops' wives who escaped. There are also photos of friends who covered the event, as well as photos from press conferences (the official Lambeth ones and the somewhat unofficial "TEC" ones), as well as photos from inside Canterbury Cathedral after the final closing Eucharist. There are also photos of friends, including a very special gathering at the end of the Lambeth Conference where we all met upstairs at the Canterbury pub called "The Parrot" as the 2008 Lambeth Conference finally came to close.

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Robbie said...

Nicely done!