Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon at the Cafe: Subcutaneous Sinsick Blues

We knew something was up when an entire table here at the cafe spent several days huddled in the corner with paper and a guitar and lots of fire whiskey (we've exhausted our supply and have sent orders north to Hogsmeade for a shipment). At some point, the table of folks got up and followed Anglican Beach Party out the door and we haven't seen them in days and now we know why. It seems that they were inspired by recent events as well as a good dose of this.

Enjoy - the pies and pancakes are on the House. The question we have is - who's that playing Ginsburg?


Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Anglican Beach Party said...

The part of Allen Ginsberg was played by a local friend, Jack Keck.