Friday, September 05, 2008

Ubuntu: The Geek Philosophy

We're not sure if there will be those who will show up in Anaheim next year just looking for free software. What we can be sure of is that Bill Gates will not be there.


1662 BCP said...

Could we say "Copyright Infringement"?

Anonymous said...

How about 'ohana or maybe gemutlichkeit. Personally I favor fahrvenugen. Any silly word that shows how hard they are trying to be sophisticated and with it.

BabyBlue said...

I remember ohana - that means family in Hawaiian. Now that meant a lot to me growing up - it was a spiritual bond and could not be manufactured. Ohana is not something one achieves, but is a gift. Ohana comes a long when you least expect it. When I returned to Hawaii for the first time in twenty-five years I cried at least once every day for two weeks. Hawaii, my family, my home.

Hawaii ponoi Nana i kou, moi
Kalani Alii, ke Alii.
Makua lani e Kamehameha e
Na kaua e pale Me ka ihe.

Rachel said...

I use Ubuntu and swapped from Windows to open source just before starting my blog. I've never looked back. My husband works to promote this free software - he's one of those people who can help when you get stuck. See ad on Re vis.e Re form.

love Rachel

Maybe Christians are less cynical about a 'free gift' because we know in Jesus that they do exist.

I'm not comparing free software to salvation, don't get me wrong - but this software could provide access to education and employment for people for whom it would be impossible if they had to 'buy' it in the form of Windows.

RB said...

Yup. Ubuntu (the OS) rocks. I use it too, and I love it. Plus my daughter can go to college and do her schoolwork without us having to spend oodles of money on current hardware and expensive software.