Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pre-Lambeth Countown: 50 Top Anglicans

SATURDAY UPDATE: Well, they have lists 1-20 now up here and here. And let's just say that at least one major influential Anglican didn't even make the list, alas! Perhaps what the Telegraph did was merely count the "Google-hits" for each individual to generate their lists and many of the truly influential will not generate "Google hits" (one can only imagine the witty retort now). However, in the real world it's not the Google hits that matter, as anyone on Capitol Hill - or K Street or Foggy Bottom - will tell you. Fame is not the same as influence. And for commentary on that, click here.

The Telegraph now has added 21-30 - which again tells us more about them then perhaps it does the reality on the ground. But it is entertaining. We wonder if one in particular has picked up a dictionary yet. Obvious ones still haven't made the list - and we are wondering if one of the most influential Anglicans insiders will even make the list. Stay tuned.

The London Telegraph has devised their own "influential" Anglicans list (which frankly tells us more about what they think is going on rather than what actually is, but never mind). It's an interesting list for not only who is listed and where (which so far we've found rather amusing) but for who is not listed - at least not yet. So far the Telegraph has released their bottom 20 - you can see 31-40 here and 41-50 here.

So who's left to go - and who do you think will be in the Top 10? We see there's some serious debating going on over at the table near the David Blue Memorial Pinball Machine. Another round of chais and butterbeer for all.


Sibyl said...

I'd be more interest in GOD's List of the most faithful and influential Anglicans.

Bet that would cause some shock and a lot of consternation.

Bet the Telegraph would never guess.

Anonymous said...

Top ten?

I would imagine, given their choices so far, that such a list would have to include a certain "simple country bishop from New Hampshire", and a certain presiding bishopess....


Anonymous said...

"Faithful" isn't the qualifier -- influential is the name of the game. Therefore, it is quite possible that ++Akinola and +Robinson, +Spong and ++Orombi could appear on the same list...

By the way -- are both SF and T19 in cyberland trouble? I've not been able to raise the sites for two days.

Padre Wayne

TLF+ said...

I caught part of this on another blog. The absurdly high numbers of academics and opinionators makes the list questionable, IMO.

As Padre Wayne says just above, influence over real people is key. Louie Crew, for example, has a lot of influence over TEC's actual direction. Certainly an influential figure in the AC, whether or not one agrees with him.

Spong gets a lot of attention, but his Newark stats show that people simply walk away from him. Sure, a bunch of people might nod in agreement with Spong, but that's because he is parroting what they already believe.

Davis MacIyalla? Gimme a break. Same w/+VGR. Poster children for work and views already realized by others - not influencers.

The influence of some of the African Primates is undeniable - LOTS of people follow their lead, both in their Provinces and globally. People actually do stuff that these leaders put forward. That's influence.

Marily McCord Adams? The ACI??? Bright folks, surely. But influential? Again, people who've already made up their minds read them for proof-texts.

OK, rant off.

Pageantmaster said...

Padre Wayne - do you use a Zone Alarm Firewall? There have been compatibility problems with the latest Microsoft release.

Anonymous said...

We just dumped ZoneAlarm's Security Suite after over 5 years because its True Vector kept locking us off the net. It upgraded then Windows upgraged - KABOOM. Even with system restores, the problem just kept happening. Not the first time, but finally took the time to get something else.

ZA's True Vector will not let you on the internet if it shuts down. You may get on briefly, but not for long.

In any event, Padre Wayne: God be with you and give you wisdom. We've had no problem accessing either site.

The Lakeland Two

1662 BCP said...

I've gone to the Telegraph site and cannot find the first twenty. I will have to read this through. Some of the names are persons with whom I have communication, such as Dr. Ephraim Radner, many are names I am not familiar with. Baby Blue, it would be interesting to see a list as it would pertain to who may exercise the most influence within a new North American Province. Who will be the figures to watch as this evolves, both clerical and lay? The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen publish a directory of Continuing and Traditionalist churches. It would be valuable to compile a directory of persons and institutions actually worth knowing about for Anglicans in the Twenty-first Century. Here's my suggestion for a name, and remember that you heard it here first,[b] "Anglipedia"[/b], what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Have just viewed the entire list. You just knew they'd have VGR and KJS in the top 5.

Makes as much sense as the bozos who prepare the RPI rankings for college basketball. bigjimintx from Stand Firm