Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bishop Mouneer Anis of Eygpt, Primate of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East reflects on Lambeth so far

From the London Times here.

I find that many of our North American friends blame us and criticise us for bringing in the issues of sexuality and homosexuality but in fact they are the ones who are bringing these issues in. Here at Lambeth, you come across many advertisements for events organised by gay and Lesbian activists which are sponsored by the North American Church. If you visit the marketplace at the conference, you will notice that almost half the events promoted on the noticeboard promote homosexuality and are sponsored by the North Americans. And in the end, we, the people who remain loyal to the original teaching of the Anglican Communion, which we received from the Apostles, are blamed. They say that we talk a lot about sexuality and that we need to talk more about poverty, about AIDs, and injustice. They are the ones who are bringing sexuality into this conference. It’s not us. We want to talk about the heart of the issues which divide us, not only sexuality. That is just a symptom of a deeper problem.

They talk about the slavery and say that 200 years ago Christians were opposed to the freedom of slaves and they compare us to those Christians for our attitude to gay and lesbian practises. To be honest, I think this is inviting us to another kind of slavery, slavery of the flesh, to go and do whatever our lusts dictate. Sometimes, I think that maybe because of the pressure in Western culture to push the practise of homosexuality, our friends in the West are pushing these issues. But, on the other hand, I see many who live in the West and still want to preserve the faith and the tradition of the Church. Should we allow culture to pressure the Church or should the Church be distinctive, light and salt to the world? Cardinal Ivan Dias said that we didn’t bring the Gospel to the culture we could end up suffering from spiritual Alzheimers."


Hening said...

This isn't about homosexuality as the Lambeth Broke Back bible club would suggest. This is all about the self destructive lifestyle of homosexuals being lived parallel with their nobles oblige to behave as vicars of Jesus Christ. Living as sexual bottom feeders and being drawn in by perversions outside of healthy human behavior is as old as mankind. Trying to mask mankind's sinful nature as some sort of free fall liberation from Grace is only supported by other's that are like minded.

These people should open a gay bar, porno site or find some other way to earn a living that promotes their chosen sin, and remove it's stain from the church of Christ.

Anglican Beach Party said...

This was great to read.

Although, it made me feel kinda guilty about being a North American Anglican!