Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Outside The Big Top

Imagine having his job. A metaphor in the making.

The deal is, where ever I go places in Canterbury and locals see my badge or hear my accent and ask what I'm doing here and I tell them about the conference, I consistently get the same blank stare - as though I am talking about attending a Star Trek Convention.

Yes, there are interesting costumes - okay, let's say cincture (and it's not a procedure you get a nail salon) - and there are times when it feels like we are Lost in Space, but frankly, Star Trek Conventions are fun-er. I mean, at least at Star Trek Conventions everyone worships the same thing.


RMBruton said...

Wonderful analogy, a Star Trek Convention! We don't need a Joshua to encircle and march around the Lambeth enclosure seven times then shout and bring down this House of Cards, the ones inside the fence are doing a fine job themselves. A Star Trek Convention, I love it!

Anonymous said...

After reading about the ambush at the joint session today, a Star Trek Convention would be preferable to what this alleged gathering of Christian leaders has sadly turned out to be. bigjimintx from Stand Firm

Kevin said...

Never did "Shore Leave," but as a veteran of Disclave, Balticon, Philcon, Evecon, Castlecan and others ...

Yeah ...sounds about right.