Thursday, July 03, 2008

Friday Night at the Cafe: Circa 1975

Surprised? Written by one of the best performer/song-writers of our lifetime, this particular selection peaked back before it all got political and Elton wrote not from a predisposed political agenda, but from the heart. For many of us, that summer of 1975 was a turning point. Mixed in with the Jesus-movement era songs we were singing, and the reruns of Classic Trek we were watching, this was the song always playing in the background somewhere. It's not heard so much any more, now that everyone is liberated and satisfied and pleased with themselves - but back then it spoke to a post-Boomer generation, where the aging 60s slogans were fading on the roadside, just as Dylan predicted. If there was ever a GenX-era anthem, this might be it - ironic as though that may be. But of course, irony is our middle name. And this one's for you, Edward.


Perpetua said...

Great choice.
(Lyrics by Bernie Taupin)

Hening said...

I was never an EJ fan, but the ways things are going he could appear as the next A/B of Canterbury. Anything goes.

Anonymous said...

BB, this song has a lot of meaning for me as well. Just after this came out in 1975, a friend of mine (youth minister at a local church was shot and wounded and his brother killed by a neighbor who went off his nut. My friend recovered quickly, and his desire to witness for Christ while coping with this tragedy inspired all of us in his circle. This song was a HUGE part of my coming to grips with it all. Thanks for this post. bigjimintx from Stand Firm