Saturday, July 05, 2008

Loose Lips Sink Ships

BB NOTE: Interesting note from fellow blogger Perpetua of Carthage today. Right. On one hand Gene Robinson says it's all a big secret. Shhh ... On the other hand, he's happily blabbing away to the local San Francisco newspaper about the fact that it's all a secret. Er, heh?

Here's the bit about his upcoming secret meetings with primates at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury - and remember, don't tell anybody.

Several primates - leaders of provinces, which play a role similar to that of the Episcopal Church in the United States - have asked to meet with him privately, and only on the condition that he never reveal that he met with them or discuss what they talked about.

It goes against Robinson's desires to hide the truth, but he's willing.

"I'm sad about that," he said. But "I will do anything to sit down with those folks and try to heal this gulf between us."

Okay, can we all breathe a sigh of relief that the Bishop of New Hampshire does not carry the codes to the President's football?

Read the whole thing here. Memento mori. Tip of the tinfoil to perpetua.


1662 BCP said...

He is clearly the center of his own little universe. His chosen sexuality is his god. I read the article and every time I hear him whine about fearing for his life abroad, I have to ask the question 'then, why go abroad'? We're not talking about the FBI or the CIA or Homeland Security, we're talking about the Church. Secret Meetings! Who the Hell do these bishops think they are fooling? We're not talking about Nicodemus here. It would be revealing to get some input from a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist out there. I've worked with mentally ill people for a long time and this guy exhibits several pathologies that are quite disturbing.

Pageantmaster said...

I imagine that if you wanted to have a secret meeting during Lambeth, that Canterbury is just about the last place you would choose.

Conversation in pub a few miles away from Canterbury [and there are some great ones]:

Qu:"you're a bishop aren't you?"

A: "No, No, I'm not a bishop - there are no bishops here"

Qu: "Well is it that purple goes with your eyes?"