Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Sunday Morning: Do you know where Kenneth Kearon is?

This photo comes from George Conger of the Diocese of Central Florida who spots behind the security fence his bishop and former rector of Truro, John W. Howe, walking with the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Kenneth Kearon.


Unknown said...

Can someone tell me who the other man is in the white trousers and pink shirt?


Anonymous said...

BB: Conger identifies him as the Archbishop of Jerusalem, Dawani.

Nancy McCall

Anonymous said...

I guess the open collar golf shirt in purple is significant to the identification of a bishop in casual garb. Needs an appropriate Latin name. Shirticus?

They do love that purple!

Someone should check out his PJs and skivvies. Bet they're purple, too!

Anonymous said...

I guess Dawani is just a bishop.

Nancy McCall