Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Episcopal Duel at Lambeth

Want proof that the Episcopal Church is divided? The two major factions are now holding dueling official press conferences at Lambeth.

While happy talk is being furiously spun at the official Lambeth Press Conferences (and not even the New York Times reporter is buying it anymore), another duel is breaking out outside the Big Top at Lambeth. The progressive Episcopalians and the conservative Episcopalians are putting out their own separate messages outside the official spin of the Lambeth Press Office in what is now a full-fledged duel.

While the Lambeth Press Office gets the nice rooms for their press conferences, the progressive Episcopalians and the conservative Episcopalians are holding their own official press conferences outside the press building, under the trees for all to see - even the other bishops passing by on their breaks.

Today we saw in vivid detail how separated the Episcopal Church truly is, right out on the lawn, in front of everyone. How can one spin be going on from the officials of Lambeth, while the Episcopal Church itself is dueling it out on the lawn?

Meanwhile, the press - working hard to sort out the truth from the spin - is dashing back and forth between all the factions - a situation as clear as any that reveals to the Anglican world that unity is no where in sight.


Anonymous said...

The conservatives, the progressives, and the media?

Isn't that the good, the bad, and the ugly (well okay Michael Daley, Riazat and Ruth excepted)?

Anonymous said...

you outdid yourself, bb :-}

with you in prayer,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing some levity to a dismial affair. I loved it!

Andy said...

Well done BabyBlue. And the spaghetti western soundtrack is the cherry on top ;-)