Saturday, July 05, 2008

815 Communications Director throwing in the towel

From here. After four rather tumultuous years, Bob Williams has tendered his resignation from his post as Communications Director at 815, the office of the Presiding Bishop. He was quite a departure from his predecessor, who ran the General Convention newsrooms like Perry White.

What caught our eye here is that Bob came from the Diocese of Los Angeles and was deeply involved in the last Lambeth Conference in 1998. "As editor of the Lambeth Conference's daily newspaper in 1998, Williams gained experience that will assist in interpreting events of this summer's similar gathering in Canterbury," the 815 press release says.

But will Bob be in Canterbury during this year's Lambeth Conference? Uh, no.

"During these coming weeks," the press release states, "Williams will remain in New York to oversee ongoing Church Center communication operations through mid-August." After August 15, Bob will be free to "devote more time to family and to new pursuits."

Hmm ...


Sibyl said...

This headline caught my eye at Northern Plains Anglican: "Williams, Schori announce joint Lambeth-GenCon theme; "Denver-Lambeth Bilateral" Proposed!"

After a merger, maybe The Episcopal Church USA/UK/Canada won't need so many personnel.

Perpetua said...

Well, it says "Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori accepted Williams's resignation on June 25." But I keep thinking he must be taking the fall for the "emissions" fiasco.

Kate said...


Did you actually follow the link to Northern Plains Anglican? That headline is not what it appears.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know whether he's "taking the fall" for that horrible comment, or whether he fought it and lost, or whether he feels he can no longer be associated with people who speak in such ugly terms, or what. Does anyone who knows him have a clue?

Miss Sippi

Sibyl said...

Kate, Yes, I knew it was a joke....perhaps. There may be a closer tie than we would like.
And, this headline also could also cause someone to jump to wrong conclusions: ""Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori accepted Williams's resignation on June 25."

David Bailey said...

Bob Williams resignation was publically announced on ENS well before the "emission" comment from the Presiding Bishop

david bailey said...

just found the link to Episcopal Life Online . .