Friday, February 01, 2008

The Point

George Conger has an update on the new wave of Episcopalians separating from TEC. But I do take issue with one of his opinions.

It is not correct to say, as George Conger writes, that “conservatives have been divided on what tactical programme to purse.” That is not correct. What we are seeing is the realignment and that is happening both inside and out. There are some who are working outside the TEC structures and others who are working on the inside. But the relationships continue between both those on the inside and outside.

We do need to remember that in the best efforts for change, change comes from both the outside and the inside. We have Allies and we have the French Resistance. We have George Washington crossing the Delaware and we have John Adams in London.

What we must understand is that the relationships are strong between the laity and the clergy - we’ve all known each other for years, whether we’re are Episcopalian or Anglican or somewhere in between. These friendships continue, we go over to each others houses, we hang out at conferences, we don’t ask for ID cards. It’s the “faith” that binds us together, not the structure.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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Kevin said...

I think you are 100% correct ...

Yet, you and I can prove how fallen we each are and have gotten into it online and off about basically the same thing of two different groups, just with a departure times. I think that is an example of what George Conger writes about. The Lord has a work in which He is doing something, but on the micro-level we can be "divided on what tactical programme to purse."

I think what you have written in this post is more how the LORD see it.