Saturday, February 09, 2008

Expecto Patronum!

I continue watching American politics very closely. I am obsessed with the US elections. Because it will have profound effects on the rest of the world. The political situation in the US in recent years has badly affected your country as mine. I want a Democrat in the White House. And it seems a shame to me that Clinton and Obama are rivals because they are both extraordinary people.

-J.K. Rowling, Feb. 10, El Pais

You know, it could be quite amusing if John McCain does become president. Just the thought that all those European gasbags blowing gaskets at the news is quite an incentive, we must say (would someone please pass Barry a Shave Ice?). Apparently, Jo Rowling has completely forgotten that American Republicans read her books too. Sigh. Guess now that she's suing her most famous American fan, she feels she's also got to whine that America has "badly affected" the UK and Spain. Well, boo hoo hoo. What's gotten into her, anyway? We love the HP series, we really do, and Jo's been one of our heroes - but she sure has been ticking us off lately. Pass the Butterbeer, please. Expecto Patronum!


Pageantmaster said...

Oh dear - how fickle life and hero-worship are, as the ABC must be thinking.

Mind you - what she did to poor Dumbledore was inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

Dear BB,

His name is Barack, not Barry, please respect others as we respect you.

BabyBlue said...

Hi name is Barry - he went by Barry when we lived in Hawaii. He has since reinvented himself.


Jo said...

Oh, dear -- I am so sorry to hear Republicans won't be buying any more of my books. Now I'll only be a quadruple jillionaire instead of a sextuple gazillionaire. We can't have that. I'll try to make nice and pretend the Republican agenda and their president has not been an unmitigated disaster for 98% of the people on the planet. One hopes that will boost my paltry sales again.