Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well, guess who knows how to type?

The Church Times has made an important discovery - Martyn Minns is a Bishop in the Anglican Church of Nigeria and he is the Assistant Secretary of the Global South steering committee. He also knows how to type, very well, especially when his primate is in town and has an important letter on his mind.

Oops, The Church Times doesn't mentioned any of that. No, they have other things on their mind, or so it seems.

Check out Greg Griffith's perceptive posting at at StandFirm. He asks some very good questions, too.


Kevin said...

I confess ... I still send my papers to mom to proof-read. I'd feel worse, but I learn mom also edited my sister's course work for her PhD stuff.

Kevin said...

Wait a minute ... when ++Akinola chairs a HoB meeting that condones the Nigerian legislator, then to FrJske the only thing that matters is the ++Akinola signs it as HoB chairman, however if he produces any document with +Minns all of a sudden it does not matter that ++Akinola signed it -- do I have that correct?

Anonymous said...

I take this fuss about the ++Akinola letter as a sign that ammunition is running low behind the walls of Reappraiserville.