Friday, August 24, 2007

Anglican Church of Nigeria Communications Director Speaks Out

BB NOTE: Communications Director of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, AkinTunde Popoola, speaks out (and he doesn't mince words either) on Pat Ashworth's "article" in the Church Times. The "reporter" would have gained a lot by checking sources before publishing. As the Communications Director says, "Anyone who knows Abp. Peter Akinola knows you can not make him say what he does not mean." And that is the truth. From the Anglican Church of Nigeria:

Abp. Akinola informed his senior staff and the Episcopal Secretary the need to highlight efforts at maintaining unity and the intransigence of the revisionists so that the Nigerian community is left in no doubt about who is ‘walking apart’

Along with his PA in Abuja, work started on the gathering of materials and relevant documents on 6th August, 2007. We used in addition to existing statements and my internet searches, Nigerian Episcopal meeting documents and TECUSA resolutions supplied respectively by our Episcopal Secretary, the Rt. Rev. Friday Imaekhia and a CANA priest, the Rev. Canon David Anderson. The draft of the statement was ready for correction by the primate on 9th August, 2007 who was however unable to correct it as he was about to travel.

Abp. Akinola was in the US and Bahamas between 10th and 22nd August 2007. I sent the draft to him through the Rt. Rev Minns with a request for assistance in getting some online references which I could not easily locate.

I fail to see any issue if amendments are then made on Bp. Minns’ computer. Apart from the fact that they were together during the period of the amendment, the Archbishop like many effective leaders who spend little time glued to a desk often phones me and other staffs to write certain things. Such remain his idea and anyone who knows Abp. Peter Akinola knows you can not make him say what he does not mean.

The publication doubting authenticity is another attempt to divert attention away from the carefully researched document which shows that the revisionists are directly responsible for problems confronting the Communion. Instead of chasing shadows, concerned Anglicans should consider the indisputable scenario highlighted in the document and pray for ways to save our beleaguered Communion.

The Venerable AkinTunde Popoola
Director of Communications
Church Of Nigeria

Read the whole thing here.


Kevin said...

Now, Baby Blue, I heard you confess that at GC06 you managed get Martyn's laptop and cell phone away from him (a trick that astonished many).

You didn't pull this trick again anytime in the recent past ... have you ...

Unknown said...

You have a great memory, Kevin! Martyn has the 12 inch Powerbook, very easy to pass around to people. I liked it so much, I got one myself. When mine fried at General Convention, Martyn loaned me his - but that was last year! Too bad The Church Times didn't make a few phone calls before publishing.


Kevin said...

re: You have a great memory, Kevin!

Yup, it's how I survive in a literate world.