Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bishop David Bena reports on the ACN Annual Conference

Report from the Anglican Communion Network Annual Conference

By the Rt. Rev'd David Bena

On July 31-31, 2007, it was my privilege to represent CANA at the Anglican Communion Network Annual Conference at the Cathedral of St. Vincent in Fort Worth, Texas. Representatives of the Episcopal Church Network Dioceses, the Deans of the Convocations (including our own Bishop Elect Guernsey), and members of Common Cause gathered for inspired worship, excellent bible study, legislative sessions, and good Christian fellowship.

The best thing the Network representatives accomplished was to ratify the Common Cause Documents. What is Common Cause, you ask? To simplify it, I'll just say that it is a loose confederation of orthodox entities in North America, assembling to cooperate and coordinate ministry together. CANA is a partner (we will be asked to ratify the Common Cause Documents at our First CANA Convocation Council meeting on November 1-3), as are the Anglican Mission in the Americas (AMIA), the American Anglican Council, Forward in Faith in North America, the Anglican Network of Canada, the Reformed Episcopal Church, the Anglican Province of America, as well as the Anglican Communion Network. The bishops of these entities will meet for a first ever Common Cause Bishops Assembly in late September, to be followed, I'm sure, by an assembly of clergy and laity at some future date.

These are exciting times as we forge ahead in the grace of God to establish a safe place where orthodox Anglicans can worship, evangelize, plant churches, and organize for world mission. Check out the Anglican Communion Network website for a summary of what happened in Fort Worth:

Bishop Bena, Suffragan Bishop, Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA), is the former Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Albany.


Kevin said...

Okay, I saw the reference to "Anglican Network of Canada" in this document and was confused with "Anglican Coalition in Canada" which I knew merged with AMiA, so popping over to ACN "Common Cause" page to clear up my confusion.

Folks, you should go over ANoC website specifically thinking "About Network" and Our Genesis or Our Communion.

You will not find much information there, but those our the cutest "under construction" pages I've seen. Too precious not to share and really added to what would ordinarily been a routine press release of stuff those AnglicanTV junkies would already know.

Andy said...

Bishop Bena's enthusiasm and joyous spirit can be felt in this report. He's a ture blessing, and the fact that he was an Air Force Chaplain is just the cherry on top of it all.


Unknown said...

I agree, Andy. He is such a marvelous gift to the Church.