Thursday, August 30, 2007

The 21st Century Anglican Communion


Alice C. Linsley said...

We serve an awesome God who raises the dead and restores flesh to dry bones!

The photos are a great encouragement to me. Thanks.

Kevin said...

RE: The 21st Century Anglican Communion

So last Sunday our first team from Rwanda gave a report. The purpose was build relations our sister church in Nyagatare also to celebrate Gahini Diocese 10 year anniversary. The latter apparently was like a convention in US except no hotel, all done on hill sides. Jake gave the report on that part, he was a bit daunted by the schedule 7AM-9PM, two hours of preaching followed by song with another two hours of preaching then song until dusk. When asked the preacher they each responded passionately, "oh, it's my hope that I get to share the gospel." Over and over they each shared the same vision and desire that in their time they have a chance to share the Gospel. Their enthusiasm was infection on Jake that his opinion of the day ahead changed.

His conclusion is these are the leaders of 21th Century Christianity. So BB is actually a bit conservative in her headline comparatively.