Saturday, August 18, 2007

Christopher Hitchens runs into Rowan Williams in Georgetown

It's true. You just never know where you'll find your news. From Vanity Fair:

June 10, Washington, D.C.: It's been weeks on the road, and after a grueling swing through Canada I am finally home. I tell the wife and daughter that's it: no more god talk for a bit—let's get lunch at the fashionable Café Milano, in Georgetown. Signor Franco leads us to a nice table outside and I sit down—right next to the Archbishop of Canterbury. O.K., then, this must have been meant to happen. I lean over. "My Lord Archbishop? It's Christopher Hitchens." "Good gracious," he responds, gesturing at his guest—"we were just discussing your book."

The archbishop's church is about to undergo a schism. More than 10 conservative congregations in Virginia have seceded, along with some African bishops, to protest the ordination of a gay bishop in New England. I ask him how it's going. "Well"—he lowers his voice—"I'm rather trying to keep my head down." Well, why, in that case, I want to reply, did you seek a job that supposedly involves moral leadership?

BB NOTE: Christopher Hitchens is an award-wining journalist and author (and yes, he's not particularly fond of God, but it is our opinion that God is awfully fond of him). Hitch is one of our favorite writers which - if he knew - would probably really annoy him.


Judith L said...

Out of the mouths of atheists....

Alice C. Linsley said...

I'm shaking my head in wonder at God's mysterious ways and sense of humor!

Dan Van Ness said...

Mary, I have an unrelated question. Lately when I open your site I get a notice that necessary Quicktime software is missing and it directs me to a website that has third party software. The problem is that there is nothing on that site that helps me figure out what software I may be missing.

This is a recent problem -- perhaps the last two weeks or so. This has happened on several computers, so it makes me wonder if there is something you have started using on BB that requires me to add software.

I can still use the site, but I get the popup warning each time.

Any ideas?


Dan Van Ness

BabyBlue said...

My first question would be to ask what internet browser you are using (if it is Microsoft's Explorer - that may be the problem). If you are using Explorer, try out Firefox which you can download here:

I don't know what it going on at Microsoft (and it doesn't help that I am a Mac geek), but Explorer doesn't seem to be keeping up with the web technology.

Another thought is to download Quicktime (which, of course, is an Apple-made product) here at:

You can download the free player (though the non-free one is excellent) at that site.

Let me know if this works!


Kevin said...

It's with Firefox too ...

BabyBlue said...

I'd then check to see if the latest QuickTime player has been downloaded or the latest updates ... staying tuned (sorry Hitch).


Matthew said...

I had a similar problem with Firefox as well. Quicktime does not seem to be playing well with others. I've uninstalled QuickTime, downloaded the latest version, reinstalled it and re-edited the Firefox file associations.

At some point Quicktime grabbed almost all of the file extensions for itself. trimming it back to opening only Apple proprietary or originated file types seems to have fixed the problem.

Kevin said...

The offending post is one of the two August 13 ones. That was about the time the message appeared, but now they've been pushed off the bottom, the messaged gone away unless I view the August 2007 achieves. Probably not that much help, but I can narrow it to two.

Dan Van Ness said...

That's helpful, Kevin. I noticed that the message had gone as well, and thought it was funny that it went away just as we were talking about the problem. A problem with a particular post makes sense.