Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pastoral Ministrations continue for all past or present members of Anglican District of Virginia Churches

Fairfax, VA (August 9, 2007)---The Rt. Rev. David Bena, Suffragan Bishop of CANA, issued today a strong affirmation that “requests for pastoral ministrations for all members, past or present, will be courteously honored by the clergy of the Anglican District of Virginia.” This includes requests for weddings, funerals, and other special services in ADV churches.

“We stand firm on the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ that all Christians who are or who have been members of our churches receive the pastoral ministry set forth in the Book of Common Prayer," Bishop Bena said.

In fact, ADV member churches have already made facilities available for a number of special pastoral services – including funerals - and will continue to do so. Several of these services have been conducted by both Episcopal and Anglican priests together. “We are grateful for the leadership and pastoral example of these priests,” said Bishop Bena. “They have shown remarkable Christian unity in these troubled times.”

For more information, call the Anglican District of Virginia office or the rector of any of the ADV churches.


RSchllnbrg said...

Hurry, hurry! Will someone please alert the Diocesan offices in Richmond before they get worried about someone, somewhere, feeling left out of their local cemetery? We wouldn't want them to labor under any false impressions, or share them in press releases ...

Rick Arllen said...

Of course, we will see a corresponding note of assurance from the Diocese of Virginia or 815 any minute.

Or not.

Cue the crickets.