Friday, August 17, 2007

TLC Reports on the Camp Allen Meeting of the Windsor Bishops who request clarity from the Archbishop of Canterbury

TLC ace reporter, Steve Waring, reports on last week's meeting of the Windsor Bishops at Camp Allen. What is interesting to note from Steve Waring's report is that the Episcopal bishops who publicly support the Windsor Report, received a briefing on the Primates Communique from someone other than the Presiding Bishop. The other piece of news in this report is that the Windsor bishops expect that there will be consequences if the House of Bishops does not agree to honor the Dar es Salaam Communique.

U.S. Bishops Ask Archbishop of Canterbury for Clarity

Bishops who have made a public commitment to support the Windsor Report have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to be clear and articulate in explaining what the consequences will be if the House of Bishops fails to give the assurances sought by the primates.

Seventeen diocesan bishops and one bishop suffragan from The Episcopal Church received an extensive briefing on the primates’ communiqué from the Rev. Canon Gregory Cameron, and shared with him their hopes for the meeting in September between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the House of Bishops during a conference held Aug. 9-10 at Camp Allen near Houston.

Canon Cameron is deputy secretary general and director of ecumenical affairs for the Anglican Consultative Council. He also has served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s secretary at recent primates’ meetings and wrote the final draft of the primates’ communiqué. The Most Rev. Rowan Williams is scheduled to attend the first two days of the bishops’ meeting Sept. 20-25 in New Orleans.

During the Texas meeting the bishops decided not to issue a public statement and agreed not to discuss meeting details. This is the fifth time that “Windsor bishops” have met at Camp Allen to consider the Windsor Report and The Episcopal Church’s response to it. At previous meetings the bishops have issued statements and The Living Church was assured by several participants at the Aug. 9-10 gathering that the overall goals and objectives remain consistent with what has been previously published.

From The Living Church.

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