Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WAHHOOOO! Celebration at the Cafe: Neil Lebhar elected an Anglican bishop in the ACNA

This is just quite simply one of the best pieces of news I've heard in a while. Neil Lebhar was the Associate Rector when Bishop John Howe was rector of Truro. He left Truro to become rector of an Episcopal parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Florida and separated from the Episcopal Church after the decisions of General Convention 2003. His elevation to bishop is fantastic news - we saw this coming, but it's finally come. All pies, pancakes and butterbeer and yes, even the precious bottles of Old Ogdens Fire Whiskey are on the house - all week! Thanks be to God!

Read all about it here. Years ago Neil Lebhar oversaw the young adults ministry at Truro. We used to ask him, "how do you know if you are a young adult?" Neil said, "well, anyone younger than me." Thanks, Neil. May we all remain young!


Bryan Michel said...

Does this make your bishop to paris ratio 1:10? Is the goal to get it 1:2? I find this just hilarious. All those unelectable angry former Episcopal clergy have finally got precisely the purple shirt that they so richly, richly deserve.

Your news is laughable, like most of the "breaking news" announcement.

Hope your faithful base get to go bonkers over this.

Unknown said...

WAHHOOOO? Too much Old Ogden's, Baby Blue!

Unknown said...

With Neil's election, it is clear that this is not business as usual. Do you know why?


Unknown said...

No, but I'm hoping you'll write about it!

Jose Guerrero said...

This is "not business as usual." I don't know why. What does that mean? Does it mean your fellow schismatics will quit trying to steal church property?