Friday, September 18, 2009

More Breaking News: South Carolina Supreme Court rules in favor of AMiA church separating with property from Episcopal Diocese

Read it all here. Bishop Chuck Murphy of AMiA has released a statement:

"In addition to being a complete victory for all of us here at All Saints, Pawleys Island, it is a profoundly important legal decision repudiating the ‘authority' of the Dennis Canon. I believe that this will have enormous implications not only for the two Episcopal dioceses in South Carolina, but, I suspect, for other churches throughout the U.S.A."

You can read the entire ruling here.


Anonymous said...

This is great news for both of the dioceses in South Carolina, and possibly terrific news for other churches that might be considering ACNA. It looks like the Dennis canon is in the ditch, hooray!

Deacon Francie

AmmaKate said...

Thanks, Babyblue!
Such wonderful news...Ah, that ol' Dennis Canon....on it's way out in TECland. Thanks Be to God

Anonymous said...

This is nothing less than the end of TEC

Lawrence has a simple choice - exit TEC now and get most of the upper SC parishes - or stay and have every parish leave.

Every other parish left in TEC must now leave - with their property!


Lifting the Rock said...

Amen, annonymous. I can think of 2-3 parishes in Beaufort Deanery, 3 in the West Ashley Deanery, 3 in the Charleston Deanery, 3 in the Georgetown Deanery and 3 in the Florence Deanery that will be very interested in talking about this. Comibined with St. Andrew's 40 Days of Discernment and the interest that it has generated (my Rector downloaded a copy) and the Diocese of South Carolina is going to have massive pressure from within to move along into a new Anglican reality.

Kevin said...

As one in AMiA, I rejoice with this decision. I would urge caution on comments of speculation on +Lawrence, in part, because it easy to be gracious when you're the victor, also he inherits this mess and was gracious in his comments after GAFCON. I'd urge keeping him and DioSC lifted in prayer, this after GC09, they have a lot to think about.

Lifting the Rock said...

So, BB, do you ever wonder where are all of the self-righteous posters of a week ago who lit up your blog when you posted the story of St. Andrew's and 40 Days? Back under their rocks, presumably. Thanks for keeping us posted.