Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dylan's at it again

You can hear snips of his new Christmas Album - and yes, it's more than fun. His voice is, well, unique - but his phrasing is stellar. This is an album that exists in a world where the 1960s NEVER HAPPENED, right down to the album cover itself. Think it's accident? Well, think again!

This is a man who did so many years of his most-excellent Theme Time Radio Hour - and, yes, it shows. But listen to his phrasing, he's still a master at it, even if he might just be winking at his legendary status. Enjoy - it's beyond enjoyment! This is our holiday album this year, this it it. We're putting Bing and Frank and Elvis in the drawer. Surprised? Maybe the 1960s was just a bad dream after all. Merry Christmas, Bob.

UPDATE: Good friend RWB is on to it to. Oh, to see Dylan at his wittiest! He's just so darn funny, that joker. We've now added a countdown clock.

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