Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Night at the Cafe: I am ready for the storm


Ralph Webb said...

It's an interesting Celtic version of the 1985 Dougie McLean song. My favorite version is probably still the 1988 cover by the late (and sorely missed) Rich Mullins.

Ralph Webb said...

Interesting. The third verse has changed lyrics from the Rich Mullins version, and I think the original Dougie McLean version as well, I think. (I once saw McLean perform it on TV.) The lyrics I'm familiar with are ". . . It brings you me, this lonely sailor/And when you take me by the hand/You love me, Lord, you love me and . . ." In this version, "me" is changed to "near" and "Lord" is replaced by some other word.

Great visuals, though.

TLF+ said...

Do you advise seeking shelter from the storm or just accepting that a hard rain's gonna fall?

Jill C. said...

I have always liked this song -- very much. I agree with Ralph. Rich Mullins' version was the first I heard back in the late '80s, whenever the album came out that included it. (I have all of Rich's projects on either CD or cassette.)

One day,in the late 1990s when we were out at a Scottish festival (which we used to do a lot,) I heard someone else's recording of the song. I went up to the lady at the booth who was playing it on her jambox and asked who it was. Dougie McLean. Of course. Caledonia. (I'm more familiar with his music now.)

I told the woman about Rich Mullins, who had just passed away either that year or the year before. Then I went out to my car to get the cassette tape and she played it. She agreed that it was good but I think she was a big, Dougie fan!

Anyway, Fr. Tim, I think in this day and age (and at my age) it's time to seek shelter. And after reading the very long thread at SF about CCP and WO, I can only say we are asking God to have mercy on us and shelter us in His wings. I feel like a sailor with no home port. :(

Unknown said...

We are like those in lifeboats, searching for our way home. But our confidence is not in ourselves, but in Christ, who gives us courage to brave the storm.