Thursday, September 24, 2009

St. Andrew's Mt. Pleasant offers excellent resource site for 40 Days of Discernment

Can it be three years since we worked overtime to get our original 40 Days of Discernment materials ready for the churches in Virginia? It has gone far and wide in those three years, far beyond what any of us could have imagined!

As many of you know, the amazing St. Andrew's Mt. Pleasant has now begun their own 40 Days of Discernment regarding their future in the Episcopal Church. They have put up an excellent updated one-stop resource site here for their own discernment - don't miss it!

Among the resources that they offer as their own parish enters 40 Days of Discernment:

In addition they offer other resources as well:

The Rt. Rev'd Mark Lawrence's Address to the Clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina

The Episcopal Church: Tearing the Fabric of the Communion to Shreds

The American Anglican Council's (the "AAC") 2009 General Convention Reports

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Sex: Should We Change The Rules?

Original 40 Days of Discernment Website

Check their excellent resource site here that includes very handy explanations of explanation of the resources. A must-read for anyone considering their future in TEC. We know all ready that there is a quiet exodus all ready underway in the Diocese of the Rio Grande.


SC Layman said...

Thanks BB. I've forwarded the link to 6 area parishes. All appreciated the information.

Patrick Kimball said...

Thanks for putting me on to
Second Life. It is a delightful regligious experience. I blog as