Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"Whether we are Democrat or Republican, we care deeply about this country."

One of those moments that just makes me so grateful to be born in the United States of America. Where on earth would we see such an event as this? And we barely blink an eye. God bless America.


Perpetua said...

I notice that Obama and the two Republicans wore blue ties. The other two Democrats wore red ties.

Also, Carter is sending pretty off from Clinton, creating distance from the group.

BabyBlue said...

President Carter is clearly a half a foot away from the rest of the group who are shoulder to shoulder. It is fascinating.

The red tie, blue tie - now that's fascinating as well. In fact, the entire setup is so interesting to watch, as short and staged as it is. But there's just no where else on this planet where we'd see such a thing.

It's also clear that George W. Bush is emotional in his words to the President-elect. He means them - and that in itself is very moving to see.

The Boomers only produced two presidents, which is frankly quite astonishing considering their enormous impact on the 20th century. Barak Obama is the first GenX president. Perhaps we're not the Lost Generation after all.


Georgia said...

They aren't standing in either chronological, alphabetical or political order either.

Do you think they are sending a coded message?

Georgia said...

uh-oh, double eithers.

Georgia said...

I just listened to the pre-lunch newscast (
and the reporters said Clinton and Carter do not care much for one another. That may be the reason for the distance between the two.

Observer said...

"Where on earth would we see such an event as this?"

er....all of Western Europe for a start...then add Australia, New Zealand....many places (even some old Communist countries)

But, it is good to see the US presidents all together!

Kevin said...

Thank you for posting this BB!

Chazaq said...

More Kremlinology. What color is Bill Clinton's shirt? Looks like a lovely shade of pale lavender... uh-oh. Also, Bush Jr.and O'Bama are wearing American flag lapel pins and Bush Sr. has a small one (have to look closely). Carter and Clinton are not wearing lapel pins..what's up with that? Lapel pin flags were a major point of contention during the primaries until O'Bama finally caved in and put one on.

BabyBlue said...

The flag pin - I didn't realize that Obama had started wearing them now.

You know what bugs me though - when he's been making his presentations at his HQ's in Washington, he stands at a podium in front of a row of American flags. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's wrong protocol. As I recall, you should put up a row of flags (like State flags or International flags) but only one American flag.

Each time I see the row of American flags behind him it it just sort of bugs me - I want to go and fix it. Go figure. Guess I grew up in the Navy after all.


TLF+ said...

Hmmm, not wanting to be a paranoid geek but here goes... the row of all American flags could be a statement of the greater centralization envisioned by the Dems. Less Federalism, less State and local autonomy, just a confederation of interest groups legitimized and subsidized by the one gov't.
OK, back to sanity now. But just had to take a whack at the symbolism.

BabyBlue said...

Here's an example:

One American flag is quite enough. All I can say, is that who ever thought it would be helpful to put a whole bunch of them side by side was worried that he might not seem patriotic enough. Less is more, Barry.