Saturday, January 24, 2009

Diocese of Virginia plans to introduce liturgies for same sex couples as part of "listening process" campaign

Read the whole thing here. The report is now online and includes the two same sex liturgies as well as an odd liturgy that blesses friendships (is that for those who want to remain celibate?). The two same-sex liturgies are called Thanksgiving for a Committed Relationship I and Thanksgiving for a Committed Relationship II. It starts on page 35 of the "Windsor Dialogue Commission Report."

A resolution will be up before the Council on this commission. Here is the text:

R-9s: Resolution Referral to the Windsor Dialogue Commission

Whereas, many members of the Diocese are pained that gay and lesbian members are not fully accepted by our Church; and

Whereas, the Church has not reached a consensus about the place of gay and lesbian persons within the life of our Church; and

Whereas, there is a listening process recommended by the Windsor Dialogue Commission; and

Whereas, we are in the midst of episcopal transition be it therefore

Resolved, that R-5 and R-6 be referred to the Windsor Dialogue Commission; and be it further

Resolved, we commend to the entire Diocese the listening process that has been set before us at this Council.


Anonymous said...

One can see why Bp. Lee wishes to retire.

Once cannot help but to ask, would the Rite I Thanksgiving for a Committed Relationship use the traditional BCP28 language while Rite II uses the BCP79 language for "committed relationships"?

All of you in Virginia are in our prayers. So much for Windsor compliance and "moratoria" in this post-Lambeth world.

Danny Dolan said...

Seems to me that this push to introduce these liturgies shows just how much the people running the show aren't listening.

They aren't listening to the Primates, or to the Windsor Report, or to the footsteps leaving TEC....

Some "process".