Thursday, January 22, 2009

TEC-backed lobbying group "re-invigorated" as counter-point to the Global South leadership

The progressive lobbying offensive continues.

What appears to be now a heavily TEC-coordinated political advocacy group named the The International Anglican Women's Network (IAWN) is planning a meeting in Manhattan next month with a group that has been recruited heavily from the Global South to apparently counter the efforts of the bishops and archbishops of the Global South leadership. Targeting women (naturally!), the goals of the lobbying group are aligned with the goals of the progressive wing of The Episcopal Church.

Fascinating American-style politics at work.

How were these lobbyists picked? Were these lobbyists elected by their provincial leadership? How were the elections or appointments done? Were there slates of candidates put forward? Do these women represent their own personal views or are they authorized to speak for their province and their primates? Who do they speak for? All women? Who are they accountable to? What sort of financial support are they receving, who is paying for their hotels and expenses while in Manhattan, and where is that funding coming from? These are globally tough economic times - and bringing all these women into Manhattan for yet another political strategy group meeting must cost a pretty penny indeed. Why not just have a Skype-video conference?

TEC must want the photo-op.

The group was - love this euphemism - "re-invigorated" by among other people, Jenny Plane Te Paa after The Episcopal Church crisis intensified and the Global South rose in support of the Episcopal orthodox minority who continue, even now, to vote to separate from The Episcopal Church and join other Anglican provinces in the Global South. Apparently "re-invigorated" to be a progressive counter point to the Global South's witness, it bears keeping an eye on this group as they are used as a TEC-backed lobbying group at the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in May.

Also, note carefully which western province is missing from the so-called "steering group." Very interesting indeed.


Pageantmaster said...

YAWN - how appropriate.

1662 BCP said...

To quote another Churchwoman, "isn't that special".

Matthew said...

I'm shocked, shocked that the Episcopal Church would practice non-inclusive gender politics for the sake of public relations. While I do not condone it, I understand excluding the remnants of the church patriarchy. But what is astonishing is the total neglect of persons of alternative sexual identification (PASI). There can be no argument that PASI's who live in less advantaged parts of the world are mistreated by their less-enlightened peers.

I trust every who learns of this new initiative will join with me in heartily condemning it as being hopelessly non-inclusive and out of step with the current movings of the spirit.