Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remembering the millions of children lost since 1972 - in the United States of America

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So much for all the prayers, hopes, great words and rhetoric (empty) we heard on Tuesday.

Today, we see by his actions the real man our country elected.

May Barack and Michelle Obama not be able to rest well in their stately beds until he repents.

May their sleep be filled with vivid dreams... the horrific sights and sounds of the pain and crying of helpless unborn infants, of the suctions, saws, the tiny dismembered bodies thrown away in bags, left to die alone in cold basins. (

May the faces of their daughters constantly remind them of the innocent lives being lost for the sake of selfishness, casual sex and convenience....choice.

Let the evidence of the risks and consequences of abortion: Health problems for the mother who chooses abortion:
. After an abortion there may be a higher risk of developing cervical and
ovarian cancer.
. Abortion can lead to infertility, a serious long-term complication that
often goes undetected for many years.
. Abortion can lead to complications in future pregnancies including:
premature birth, placenta previa, and ectopic pregnancy.
. One study indicated that women who had abortions were twice as likely to
die in the two years following their abortion than women who gave birth.
. A woman who undergoes an abortion has a suicide risk six times higher than
women who have given birth to a child.
. It is minorities who suffer from the greatest number of serious
complications and deaths after abortion.
. Psychological and emotional complications reported in a 1994 survey of
women who had abortions and sought counseling found that they experienced a
range of problems including: increased use of drugs and/or alcohol to deaden
their pain, reoccurring insomnia and nightmares, eating disorders that began
after the abortion, suicidal feelings, and many even attempted suicide.
. In the US, approximately 140,000 women a year have immediate medical
complications from abortion. This includes problems such as: infection,
uterine perforation, hemorrhaging, cervical trauma, and failed
abortion/ongoing pregnancy.
. "Among the oldest group of women (30-39 years) the complication rate is
almost 22% for abortions between 17 and 24 weeks gestation."
. Research indicates that abortion may increase a woman's risk of breast
cancer by 30%.
. Childbirth actually protects against cancer of the reproductive system.

( Health Booklet.pdf)

Let Americans take a stand and refuse to pay for foreign abortions.

Let foreign governments say, No Thanks, America! We care about our women.

For an eyeopener about the risks of sex outside of marriage go to:

Dr. Grossman was a psychiatrist at a large California university until she realized what sexual 'freedom' was doing to young women's minds and bodies.
Get and read Dr. Grossman's book, 'Unprotected.'

Read this article by a UK teen who had enough at age 17:

Let Western culture return to sanity, clear thinking, health of mind and body, the sanctity of life, and most of all, of eternal life, the knowledge of our Father and Creator and of His Son. John 17:3

Oh yeah, and we must assume that Rick Warren approves abortion. His prayer didn't say otherwise. Warren's silence tomorrow and the silence of every other clergy and layperson in America and elsewhere hereafter constitutes consent.