Thursday, January 08, 2009

But wait - there's more: The Episcopal Church sues the Episcopal Diocese of PIttsburgh

From here. At some point it starts getting bizarre.

In an expected, but disappointing decision, the newly forming Episcopal Church diocese in southwestern Pennsylvania announced today that it intends to move forward with legal action against The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) by attempting to claim all diocesan property.

“The document filed today in the Calvary litigation by Calvary and the new diocese created after the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh withdrew from The Episcopal Church is both procedurally and substantively improper. Moreover, it is regrettable that these groups have chosen to pursue more litigation rather than agree to equitable division of the assets.” said the Rev. Peter Frank, diocesan spokesman.


Anonymous said...

Hi Baby Blue, It might interest you to know that the remaining Diocese of Pittsburgh wrote to the Southern Cone Diocese of Pittsburgh last October and asked for the "equitable division" spoken of by Mr. Frank. Bob Duncan has stonewalled that request. The standing committee of the Diocese requested some kind of proposal or even commuication, but there has been no reply.

Peter said...


Their idea of "equitable" in that letter was that we give them absolutely everything and make sure to turn the lights off on our way out.

Anonymous said...

It was still an effort communicate which was ignored. Bob Duncan had no counter offer. He speaks of taking care of everyone and having no malice, however, he works very hard to place himself in a position of taking everything. I remember him saying that "we may lose our buildings, but we will keep our souls." Well, here's his chance to put his money where his mouth is.