Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Vote: The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh separates from The Episcopal Church

This is a a video-blog of the historic vote by the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh as they voted to separate from The Episcopal Church and realign with the Anglican Communion through the Province of the Southern Cone.


RMBruton said...

Just one word to describe this "Momentous". A good divorce beats a bad marriage.

Anonymous said...

BCP 1662, A marriage covenant is already broken when one spouse breaks the covenant in the act of adultery. Addiction is also a form of unfaithfulness or adultery, whether it is a behavior like abuse, pornography (emotional adultery) or to a substance like drugs, alcoholism, or in extreme cases, spending, food.
The spouse refuses to get help and work on the problem that steals them from their responsibilities to their spouse and marriage, the covenant and trust remains broken.

Christian marriage vows promise, to give oneself exclusively to God and to one's spouse. Giving ourselves to anything or any person is a form of worship and should be limited to the boundaries set by God.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my point is that TEC and the other heretical apostate probinces have already broken covenant, committed adultery against God and the Body of Christ. The divorce/schism/excommunication occurred at the time the acts were committed. TEC and a large part of the global north of Anglicanism is already outside the Body and the real Anglican Communion.

Kevin said...

A good divorce beats a bad marriage.

I'd completely disagree, not that I do not think this was needed, but I'd challenge the concept of a "good divorce." I think we should grieve that these steps were taken and hope that the Lord might lead to a path where others might be broken so as to return in repentance. I do not believe we should ever cheer another division in the Body, even though I full support these actions and am in APO myself.

Else we tend to harden our hearts and become prideful that we're not like those people.


Very nice video BB, I appreciate including the one guy on the standing committee as well as +Duncan. It helps us safely behind computer monitors to remember the human face of those we disagree.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kevin. I agree.

Jim Simons, the lone Standing Committee member, is an old friend and comrade from General Conventions past. As many know, I support orthodox Episcopalians who feel called to remain in TEC. There is a thin line, however, between resistance and collaboration. It is not always easy to tell - even in the trenches. Jim has been a leader in the resistance. We're all on the same side, different battlefields. The goal is not to prop up TEC, but for her transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where Jim differs with his fellow Standing Committee members is in tactics, not in the goal. The respect shown by the orthodox leaders of Pittsburgh - those who have voted to depart and those who have voted to remain in TEC - was exemplary. I would not put Jim Simons in the same camp as Calvary Church who's rector stood up and made a speech that he was walking out of convention and then walked down the aisle, pointing at deputies from his church and then pointing them to the door (I can only imagine if my rector did such a thing to his laity - what were those Calvary deputies - sheep?). Jim did not behave that way, it was clear he had told the Standing Committee what he was going to do before he did it and they were gracious in accommodating his wishes.

The Pittsburgh Convention was indeed an indication that TEC is democratic after all - and it will be interesting to see if 815 truly does uphold democratic principles and respects the votes of the majority or not.