Saturday, October 11, 2008

GC Deputy Brad Drell live blogs Western Louisiana Convention

UPDATE: Brad Drell interview Gregory Cameron here. Read Brad's blog post here. Don't miss it.

Read the whole thing here. Note that Gregory Cameron is attending (we last saw Canon Cameron here) - as the the bishop of Western Louisiana, Bruce MacPherson notes for his diocesan convention - and then the bishop follows by outlining very carefully the abuses of power of the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. Having made it clear that the bishop wants to work through the Windsor "process" from inside the TEC structures, the bishop is also quite clear that the actions of the Presiding Bishop are inflaming rather than healing the divisions in this province, throwing the likelihood of an Anglican Covenant with The Episcopal Church into peril.

Fascinating that Bishop Bruce MacPherson makes it a point to call attention to Gregory Cameron's presence and then goes on to carefully outline the outrageous actions of the House of Bishops in deposing the Bishop of Pittsburgh. Masterful. This is a fine example of courage from within, God bless you Bishop Bruce. Drinks are on the House.

Note too that the bishop has - after working very hard to work within the system and has worked for many years on the Presiding Bishop's Council of Advice - has elected to step down. That again is fascinating. To turn away from such a centralized position of power within the structure of The Episcopal Church - and his placement on that Council was a deliberate political act by the PB and her handlers, since it's obvious she doesn't follow the bishop's advice - says a lot about the integrity of the Bishop of Western Louisiana.

UPDATE: Brad Drell has the audio link up here.

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Joe said...

There is no way to adequately describe Bishop Bruce MacPherson's integrity. If only the majority of TEC's HoB had a small portion of it!

Joe Roberts, Diocese of Western Louisiana (Cotton Country Anglican)