Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Common Cause Partnership leaders meet this week to discuss plans for new Anglican province

I've learned this afternoon that the leadership of the Common Cause Partnership is meeting this week to discuss the mission and vision of a new orthodox Anglican structure in North America.

It is clear that the partnership is moving forward despite repeated attempts by the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada leadership to squelch Common Cause as well as other orthodox Anglican congregations who in good conscience cannot follow the direction promoted by the current leadership.

In August the GAFCON Primates Council indicated in their official statement that they "expected that priority will be given to the possible formation of a province in North American for the Common Cause Partnership."

Please keep these leaders in prayer as they meet at the Church of the Epiphany in Herndon, Virginia.


Kevin said...

May the Lord give them guidance and unity. Just as Spirit of Christ know the Mind of Christ and as the Son and the Father are One, may they have the same wisdom and love as they meet.

Anonymous said...

Fervent prayers ascending!

Anonymous said...

They must have moved up the timetable, if this is the same meeting that Bp. Iker said was scheduled for Dec 1-3 (when he spoke at the CCP-North Texas gathering on 9/21). Prayers ascending.