Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the Record ...

The phone is ringing off the hook these days.

I signed up to get e-mails from the Barry Campaign and of course, I'm signed up as a supporter of the McCain Campaign. This means, my phone is ringing every day and every night, cheerful voices on both sides of the aisle encouraging me to vote for their candidate. Now, it's probably obvious which side of the aisle we're planning to vote, at least at this table over here by the David Blue Memorial Pinball Machine (it's dark and in the corner, lest we upset all our liberal-leaning anons over at the bar). But for the record, can we just say that we live in the best country on the planet? Here is freedom at work (or on the phone) - and while of course, we have grave concerns about how those freedoms will turn out if one of the candidates wins - it's still great. In end what matters is between each individual American and their conscience. Why, we're so free we're free not to vote. And over history, Americans have also exercised their freedom not to vote. No one comes with the bayonets and forces us to vote for any particular candidate. Thank God. But for the millions and millions - and yes, millions of Americans who do vote, who do take that vote very seriously, who go into the booth or behind the curtain, or to their table and make their decision - once again we see that in the end it matters. It really does. And for all those men and women who have dedicated their lives in the service of their country - both military and civilian - we say thank you. God bless America.

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