Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gregory Cameron speculates on the future of The Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion

This is such a key interview by Brad Drell, fellow blogger and Deputy to General Convention for the Diocese of Western Louisiana, that we think it should be in it's own posting.

Take the time and listen to this interview with Gregory Cameron, Deputy General of the Anglican Communion Office and chief architect of the Anglican Covenan here.

What does Gregory Cameron mean by repudiate? Actions speaker louder than words. TEC leaders will say anything, but it's the actions that speak clearly where TEC truly stands. The question is whether Cameron and other leaders in the Anglican Communion have eyes to see or the will to admit what fourteen Anglican provinces - and even Americans on the street - all ready know.

(Photo of Kenneth Kearon, Rowan Williams, and Gregory Cameron from an earlier meeting.)

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1662 BCP said...

Excellent job by Brad, he has a fine radio voice and asked all the right questions. Thanks, too, to Canon Cameron for his answers. I wish we could have more of these types of interviews on the various blogs. BB, thank you for posting this!