Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Night at the Cafe: Rising up the Anglican Charts Fast - It's A Legal Matter, Baby

He's at it again, the rock 'n-roll critic of his generation, yeah, he's back and he's AnglicanBeachParty. Rock on. Go Steelers. Adios!

By the way, what kind of guitar is that and does Dylan know you have it?

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Anglican Beach Party said...

The guitar is a Phantom, made by Phantom Guitarworks.

These are high-quality replicas of the original Vox Phantoms, which were manufactured by Vox, first in England, and then later in Italy.

I cry when I think about the Vox Phantom VI that I once owned ... I was so stupid to sell it! I sold it around 1994, and could not afford to buy it back today ... such is life.

Thank you very much for posting the video.