Monday, October 06, 2008

Andrew Carey: Why the silence?

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Why have the evangelical bishops of the Church of England not signed this letter ( of support for Bishop Duncan published by the Bishops of Exeter, Chester, Rochester, Winchester, Blackburn and Chichester) or issued similar statements of support? Where are the likes of Bristol, Liverpool, Carlisle, Oxford, Durham, Lichfield, Croydon on the propriety of Bishop Dincan’s deposition.

If they are about to do so, I hope they will forgive me. But it is time that the evangelical Bishops of the Church of Engand actually began to make a stand on something that counts. The lawlessness, unilateralism, and theological heterodoxy of The Episcopal Church has put our Communion in danger today and threatens the unity of the Church of England tomorrow. Where will they stand?

One reason ( for their silence) has been put to me, that they do not want to be seen publicly undermining the Archbishop of Canterbury’s leadership in the Anglican Communion. My question is, why do they view his leadership as so precarious that it can be unsettled by forthright statements in support of justice and common-sense?

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GA/FL said...

We watch as 'bishops' and 'men' refuse to stand and defend God's Holiness, His Sacred Truth, Love, Life, His Church, His Word and His Name.

We see that, in fact, they sully and tarnish, obscure, deny and pollute Thy Truth, and their own bodies with immorality, their (and others') minds with lies and their spirits and those they are supposed to shepherd and protect with evil deceptions and idolatries.

Holy Heavenly Father, Raise up leaders like Joseph and Esther. Anoint them with holy boldness, wisdom, courage, conviction, clarity, compassion. Let them speak Thy Word for this day. Help us to hear Thee and to obey. Help Thy Church to repent, to turn from our sin and to agree with Thee, to be reconciled to Thee, to believe Thy Word and to walk in Thy seek and please Thee only and to give glory, weight and power only to Thee. In the Name of Thine Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Amen