Sunday, October 26, 2008

Defending the Faith in the Anglican Communion

UPDATE: Check out my latest Cafe essay Defending the Faith in the Anglican Communion, a follow-up to this essay by Tim Morgan for Christianity Today.

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Anonymous said...

I am late to respond due to travel to babyblue's blog re the treasurer's testimony in the trial last Tuesday. She is clearly skewed by some dislike of this woman she does not know and some ignorance of the judicial system to be reporting such untruths. I was in the courtroom for the entire testimony, and contrary to what babyblue thinks, the treasurer was very well prepared and despite intense and petty attempts to impeach her, the the oposing attorney was unable to do so. What BB tries to frame "I don't want to go to jail' was natural humor, and met with relaxed laughing by all, including the judge, who clearly liked this very genuine and helpful witness. Further, I have grown to know this woman through my association with the faithful Episcopalians and and have never, in any circumstances heard her speak unkindly of any of her former friends or parishioners. The vitriole astounds me.