Monday, October 06, 2008

Mark your Episcopal/Anglican Calendars

October 8 - TEC/Diocese of Los Angeles vs Anglican Congregations (Appeal before the California Supreme Court).

October 10 -

October 14 - TEC/Diocese of Virginia vs CANA, Virginia (significantly scaled-down to focus on whether the VA Division Statute also applies to three smaller properties).

Oct. 20-23 - TEC Executive Council, Helena, Montana

Oct. 21-22 - Anglican Awakening - Akron, Ohio

Nov. 4 - Election Day, USA

Nov. 7 - Diocese of Pittsburgh Special Convention - Pittsburgh, PA

Nov. 7-8 - Diocese of Quincy Annual Synod, Quincy, Illinois

Nov. 13-15 - Anglican Awakening, Amesbury, MA

Nov. 14-15 - Diocese of Ft. Worth Convention, Bedford, Texas

Dec. 1-3 - Common Cause Partnership Council

Dec 12 - Bishop Skip Adams vs Good Shepherd Church - Binghamton, NY

Dec. 15-19 - Windsor Continuation Group Meeting, Mustang Island, Texas

Jan/Feb 2009 - Anglican Primates Meeting, Bahamas


Anonymous said...

Dec 12 Fr. Matt Kennedy's church in Binghamton, NY is in court sued by Bishop Skip Adams.

Anonymous said...

There is a ADV-CANA wide prayer and praise service for the CANA Virginia court case on Friday night, October 10 at Church of the Apostles, Anglican, 3500 Pickett Road, Fairfax.

Perpetua said...

I was happy to see that the Anglican Primates Meeting had been scheduled. But when I click the link, I don't see anything proclaiming that meeting.

Unknown said...

We learned about the Primates Meeting from Rowan Williams at his final press conference at Lambeth.

Thanks for the additions, friends - I'll add them to the list!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....wasn't there something that ++Rowan was going to have done within 60 days of Lambeth? Oh, sorry, that would have been last month, he must have finished already and I missed it.

Sorry, I know, rhetorical question.

I do feel sorry for all those Primates from the US, Canada, Scotland, etc., having to go to the Bahamas in February. Hopefully, all the TEC bishops vacationing down there after their post-Lambeth sabbaticals haven't taken all the hotel rooms and good tee times.

Anonymous said...

What I should have said before launching into sarcasm above....

Thanks for the calendar, bb. It will be quite useful in the coming days.