Friday, August 18, 2006

Will you have jam on your crumpet, Sir?

Fascinating how ENS is downplaying the emergency summit (see links below).

What struck me about Kearon at General Convention was not what he did say, but what he didn't say. His silence spoke volumes. And the Archbishop of York was even more transparent.

It was clear Kearon was prepared to laud the Episcopal Church (something he has done in the past with gusto) for the fine job of meeting the requests of the Windsor Report - but that didn't happen. Zip.

It is also interesting that ENS once again brings up Martyn Minns and and Peter Akinola and Peter Lee's infamous quote (made before he met with Martyn, by the way). It's clear that they are reading the lefty blogs and getting much of their "reporting" from the screeds on those blogs. It reads like something off one of them - refusing to call it a summit, as the New York Times does, and instead calling it "a small group of fellow bishops." They make it sound like a little tea party. Will you have jam on your crumpet, Sir?

A summit is something that you call when you want to make a deal. Perhaps the real moderator ought to be Monty Hall.

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