Thursday, August 03, 2006

What rock have these guys been living under? Finally they get it!

BB NOTE: From CNN yesterday, an exchange between CNN's Anderson Cooper and the New York Times' Jeffrey Goldberg. Nice to see that they've emerged from life under a rock.

Cooper says, “I think what’s been lost in a lot of this coverage is just how anti-Semitic Hezbollah is in the rhetoric.”

GOLDBERG [replies]: It’s absolutely fascinating, Anderson, the anti-Semitism. There’s two things that are fascinating about it. One is how embedded in the core of Hezbollah ideology anti-Semitism is. And I don’t mean anti-Israel thinking or anti-Zionism. I mean frank, anti-Semitism. The other thing that’s so interesting about it is how blunt they are and how frank they are about their anti-Semitism. They don’t hide it. They don’t try to mask it in any way. They state very openly to you when you ask their exact feelings about Jews, which are quite extreme.

Cooper says, “Nasrallah himself is very point blank and matter of fact and open about his hatred of Jews.”

GOLDBERG [replies]: One of the things about Nasrallah that’s so interesting is how straightforward he is. And you see that in all of his statements on Israel and even his statements on America. There’s no attempt to soften the language. And the other thing about it that’s so shocking, I think, when you first hear it, is I always notice this, one of the first things I noticed, was the use of epidemiological metaphors to describe the role of Jews in the world, not just Israel but Jews, talking about Jews as a cancer, talking about Jews as a parasite on society.


The Pilgrim said...


And how about the Newsweek cover story: "Why Do They Fight?"

What a moronic question!

How about . . . .


Sir Robin said...

Gosh, I never knew! Hezbollah is openly anti-Semitic? Dang, I must not have been paying attention!

Really, though, I'm happy to see that some liberal reporters are actually thinking about this, for a change. Maybe it will finally click with them. One question that needs to be asked--why doesn't Hezbollah hide their anti-Semitism from Western reporters? Is it because, perhaps, either Hezbollah thinks the Western press doesn't care, or that Hezbollah thinks that the Western press agrees with it?