Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time Out for LOTR: Is "The Hobbit" going into production in 2007?

Haven't written too much here at BabyBlue about Lord of the Rings but an interesting little tidbit popped up in BabyBlue's mailbox this evening. It reads:

"Please leave my email anonymous as I have some very exciting news to report. I was in New Line's NY offices to discuss upcoming projects when I clearly saw something very intriguing on a year planner. 'The Hobbit' was clearly marked on what looked like July 2007. I couldn't exactly take a moment to investigate the calendar with my audience in the room, but it definitely said 'The Hobbit'. Lets hope this is a PJ project!"

BB Note: Is it rumor or real? Someone get Peter on the phone.


Anonymous said...

Yes please! Forget all this Anglican nonsense. Lets get back to Middle Earth :-)

Unknown said...

Aye! One has to keep things that are important in perspective - and Middle Earth is a fine place to go when the tough gets going. ;-)

I could use a Peter Jackson production of "The Hobbit" about now, I think!