Thursday, August 24, 2006

BabyBlue wonders if this might be better than the upcoming September New York Summit ...

With this new-and-improved Episcopal Majority (which is the reimagining of Integrity, Claiming the Blessing, Via Media, Oasis, and the Consultation all rolled up into another brand new renamed website - kinda like TEC, formerly known as ECUSA, formerly known as PECUSA) burning the wires off the internet with their organized whinefests over Canterbury's New York Summit, so much so that Frank Griswold had to write them a "we're so sorry, Uncle Albert" Press Release even as he was still pulling the knives out of his own back from those same EMers, perhaps this might be the better way to go.

The question is, who really is in the Blue Guy and who is really is the Red Guy?

It might not be Frank and Jack, I'll tell you that much.

I think its O'Neill and Lee, who will be back for Round II after a rougher rockem sockem in Columbus. The real battle is between the so-called centrists (who basically spent the last forty years nodding their heads politely and shelling out the money and the progressives who shook their fists and spent it). We may find the Network and Windsor bishops over at the snack bar getting popcorn and ho-ho's and waiting for the slugfest to be over. With the Network and Windsor bishops over on the sidelines, now the real fight for TEC begins. Ho-ho's anyone?



Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

Ho-hos and popcorn! We bottom feeders steer clear of that high-falutin cuisine!

BabyBlue said...

Is that you, Dad?